The genesis of the Spectator’s School (École du spectateur) project

→ The origins :

The Spectator’s School is directly inspired by the “Escuela de Espectadores”. The first “Escuela de Espectadores” combining research and creation was founded in Buenos Aires by Prof. Jorge Dubatti (Universidad de Buenos Aires) in 2001. Jorge Dubatti has participated until today in the creation of 52 Escuelas de Espectadores throughout South America, the most recent being the one in Asunción, Paraguay.
The idea of setting up this project was also motivated by the research work within the ANR Chispa project (aimed at the valorization of Spanish-Uruguayan archive collections) carried out by Cécile Chantraine Braillon (the Spectator’s School project coordinator) and Fatiha Idmhand  between 2014 and 2017. Within the framework of this ANR project, a reflection has been developed on the possibility of valorizing research in Performing Arts thanks to the computerization and the online availability of documents (according to the genesis of the works for example). And this is, today, what the The Spectator’s School aspires to achieve.

→ The first steps  :

The Spectator’s School was inaugurated on November 14th, 2019 on the occasion of the performance of the play Orfeo written by Carlos Denis Molina in front of the students of La Rochelle Université. This performance ended with a question-and-answer session on the “edge of the stage” which allowed a real exchange between the students and the actors.

Meeting between researchers, artists and the public for the inauguration of the Spectator’s School

A second session (a virtual one this time) took place on February 1st, 2021, with the proposal of a performative course by Laurence Andreini-Allione (director, founder of the Théâtre Amazone, university speaker, artistic consultant at the Lycée Valin in La Rochelle)  to students.

Spectator’s School‘s videoconference session

→ For the future :

The idea is to divide the analysis of Performing Arts into two different schools without losing sight of the willingness to systematically integrate digital technology in training and in research in Performing Arts. There are for one side a school in person (“in vivo”: meetings between researchers, artists and the public) and for the other side a digital (virtual) school that will be based on the development of a digital tool called : e-spect@tor. 

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