École du spectateur – Spectator’s School

The project “L’École du spectateur – Spectator’s School ” is a scientific project in Digital Humanities which aims to promote research in the field of Performing Arts using digital technology. It is focused on the development of the spectator’s school (École du Spectateur) founded at La Rochelle Université in November 2019.
This school is both a school of encounters (between researchers, artists and the public) and a digital school (accompanied by the manipulation of digital tools). Both in vivo and virtual, it can thus respond to the dual challenge of the integral and systemic participation of digital technology in research and training in the performing arts.
On the one hand, in the framework of the “performative turn” that performing arts research is currently experiencing since the 2000’s, the aim is to advance the study of performative works which are by their very nature ephemeral and therefore not reproducible in an identical manner. And on the other hand, the objective is, thanks to the digital revolution, to make the production and documentation of Performing Arts easily accessible and analysable through digital technology.

The Spectator’S School blog’s purpose is to report on the progress of the project which is funded by Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region , CRHIA  (Centre de Recherches en Histoire Internationale et Atlantique), La Rochelle Université  , L3i (Laboratoire Informatique Image et Interaction de La Rochelle Université), CRLA (Centre de Recherches Latino-Américain, Université de Poitiers), Erasmus+ PartnershipHauts de France Region,  (CPER MAuVE ) and Newseye’s H2020  project.

The topics the blog will focus on are:

  • the progress of the Spectator’s school project
  • the Spectactor’s school project’s events
  • the dissemination of the Spectator’s school project
  • the e-spect@tor digital tool’s development
  • the epistemological issues linked to the performative turn in Performing Arts research
  • information related to the scientific subject of the Spectator’s school project
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